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  Use your mouth (remember that?) to tell 

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  PopMusic.com Password: presidentofpop  

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Social Media is Unsocial 

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F*#k Zuck 

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Gag Google 

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Shrink Your Brain! 

Tweet Before You Think! 

(or don't) 

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Help Bullies and Stalkers!  Instagram Your Life to 8  Billion Strangers! 

(or don't) 

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 Tik Tok Your Time Away 

 (or don't)  

It's NOT actually social media, and I think it's kinda cool...or join here.

 give: BTC: 1MvMoRPGtWtdSQsUy5vAnm1iDDePMheXKr   

Hey, it's worth a shot!

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 I wonder if anyone will ever do this? 

 (write a  letter?!?) 

c/o Global Media

29138 Pacific Coast Hwy #166

Malibu, CA 90265


mail will be forwarded to P.O.P's secret world headquarters, located in sunny central Southwest Northland

President of Pop

looking for collaborators, co-conspirators, managers, agents, or anyone with a great idea to make the world of music better...

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